Douleur De Vivre

by Session 606

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released April 6, 2015

All songs written and performed by Session 606

Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered by Ant Mas



all rights reserved


Session 606 Trevose


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Track Name: Telemetrique
We throw it away
As the colors fade
New stations of light
Like pictures drawn out of dreams
Hanging high over us all

We watch the stars
dance along the great divide
so gracefully
as gravity keeps us weighed down

I feel so small
In the thick of things
I’m guilty of wishing I had it all
This beautiful and dangerous
World of ours is changing

New moon taking shape on a cold monday
A fire dance lights up the night
The sun is wide awake
What a lovely lonely life
The sparks ignite
As their bodies collide
and They’ll never sleep
Until the day they die

Sometimes I feel so small
Honestly i’m guilty of wanting complete control
This fragile and precious existence of ours is what we make it

Winters comes to freeze the moment
All the leaves have fallen into their footprints
Summer comes to mend the broken
Fascination starts anew
Track Name: BLKmirror
Call it what you will
But that won’t change the way you feel
Living on the terms of a lurking fear
Day in day out
Don the same shroud

I would never like to know what it’s like to be unknown
Standing in the background
Locked in a pose
Another lost face in the crowd
Reaching out
But no one takes notice
This is what it’s like to be among the anonymous

Dead leaves dance around my feet
To the tune of change taking siege
The anomalous incredulous illusionist
Taking a dive, falling from the trapeze
Track Name: The Episode
Slow down
This feeling’s so familiar, yet I’m floored
How many tears have poured?
I feel like such a fool pretending that I could ignore
You try and you try

What we’re searchin for is a moment defined
What it means to be alive

I’m not afraid
As all the tidal waves come crashing down on me
I’m not ashamed
Of all the loveless who have got the best of me

Every single doubt and insecurity has made me the way that i am
There’s just some things money won’t buy

Oh, Could this be the rumoured ache of caring I’ve heard so much about?
So many years I’ve gone without
They say
In faith
It’s never too late
A lifetime is an eternity

What we’re fighting for is the moment we find
What it means to be alive

Looking to the past I can see
Anything’s a possibility
I’ll strive
Through the atmosphere I’ll climb
If I got the chance i’d do it all again

I’m not the same
From in the morning when I wake till when I lay me down to sleep
It’s strange
How things can change
Where a cycle ends
Another starts to breathe
Track Name: Hail
I try to breathe
I never thought that this could ever happen to me
We believe in a fantasy
Where mistakes can never break reality

Who am I supposed to be
When everything that I know is just a lie
Losing touch
A brilliant white shines
And I’m not ready to see the light

Mystery loves company
and the harder I try
The more that I find
This guilt will not be appeased
I still wonder
Whether destiny is a blessing or disease
It’s so deceiving

Who am I supposed to be
When every single answer leads to more questioning
Losing time
Mortality cries
and I’m not ready to close my eyes

They say there’s too much beauty to quit
If this is a dream the whole world is inside of it
Somewhere beyond this illusion
Your troubles will cease and fortune will smile upon you

Forgive me
Track Name: Milana
When you speak it makes me numb
It’s the way that the words slide off of the tip of your tongue so easily
Everything I wanted to say evaporates

Don’t run away from me anymore

When you cry it makes me laugh
It’s the way that your teardrops slide down your cheeks in such a fashionably careless way
Is it so wrong to long for me to hold onto something that only exists in dreams?
and everything I wanted to say evaporates

This feeling consumes the air
Even when you’re not around
Please come back to me
(please come back)

This rouse
Will come to offer me a hexing
As she flies right over my head
Desperate eyes
Refusing to open
This ruse will become a tomb
As I wake unto this lull
In the mourning afterwards